MokoLight: en OEM LED Belysningsprodusent

Med 16+ years of experience leading the lighting industry, MokoLight aims to offer customized lighting products that address our customersneeds for residential, kommersielle, or industrial applications. MokoLight strives to be your source of the light source and the best choice for your personalized lighting requirements, whether you are in need of lighting products to be paired with your LED luminaires, private LED product solutions, or other LED components.

Why Choose MokoLight?

With its high-quality materials, avansert teknologi, fast delivery and convenient service, MokoLight stands out among other lighting companies, and always brings tons of surpringly benefits to its clients.

Premium Resources

MokoLight’s raw materials can all be sourced back to our internationally famous partners like Samsung.

Innovation Technology

LED lights from MokoLight are practical to use because they can be controlled via Bluetooth.

Premium Resources

Join hands with the proven logistical partners of many years, MokoLight deliveries your products no later than 20 dager.

Innovation Technology

Our LED specialists are available to provide top-notch, individualized service that is catered to your needs.

OEM Service for Your LED Lamps

MokoLight provides excellent OEM LED services for your LED lights in terms of voltage, light effect, fargegjengivelse, fargetemperatur, waterproof level, etc., to help you quickly realize your LED dream.


The LED lights from MokoLight come in a variety of voltage options to perfectly match all the electrical environments across the world.

Luminous Efficiency

The LED lights we manufacture with luminous efficiency levels of 125–130 Lm/W. High luminous efficiency means the brighter vision and less electricity cosumption.

Color Rendering Index (ROPE)

The higher the CRI (fargegjengivelsesindeks), the easier and more comfortable it is for people to distinguish the colors of objects. LED products from MokoLight all come with a CRI of 80 or above.

Color Temperature (CCT)

The color of light can be measured using color temperature. We offer a wide range of color temperature from 1,000K to 10,000K, and it can primarily divided into cool white, netural white and warm white. The proper color temperature helps you best for your lighting applications.

IP Rating

The LED lights come with IP68 grade is perfect choice for any extreme weather, water and dust ingress, even for high pressure water jets from one direction.


More shapes in LED lights bring fun change to your boring life, like the shape of a bulb, candle, dome, or other unique shapes that speak to your personality.

Some of the LED Lighting Categories that We ever Manufactured

MokoLight is willing and honored to apply our LED products in a range range of fields, and the following are from some of our past projects.

Check out Our EASY process

Simple and efficient operation process is a very important consideration in OEM service. MokoLight has used more than 16 years of time to continuously optimize the workflow and accumulate customer communication experience to help you quickly promote the LED project.

Free Consultation & Design

Give us the details of your LED project for a free consultation or the project feasibility evalution. We also give tips to help reduce your costs.

Quality & Quick Sampling

The quality sample will be quickly designed, produced and delievered to you within several days, for your finally comfirmation before mass production.

Manufacturing in Bulk

Med 7 production assembly lines, 5 SMT linjer og 3 DIP samlebånd, og mer enn 350 veteran workers, MokoLight creates the exact LED lights you request.

Packaging & Fast Delivery

After manufacturing, all the LED fixtures will undergo 100% product quality control and 5-stage product quality process within 20 dager, to ensure we give the best.

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