LED-testing & Laboratorium

The light-emitting diode (LED) is gradually replacing conventional lighting fixtures and becoming the first choice in commercial and industrial applications. And correspondingly, LED testing and research support become rather challenging to meet the more demanding needs of the luminaire industry. Som et resultat, MokoLight has established its own laboratory, med over 16 års erfaring med LED-bransjen, professional LED testing facilities, and high-quality testing personnel, to ensure the quality, mengde, and safety parameters of our LED products.

LED Testing at MokoLight

With professional testing on LED materials, technical parameters, safety and chemical durability, MokoLight guarantees the quality of its products from the beginning to the end, hoping to bring clients an experience far exceeding their expectations.

Material Reliability

Testing of LED material, component or product reliability, such as IP testing, salt mist exposure, HALT, drop & vibration testing

Light Technicals

Fargetemperatur, luminous intensity, radiation, flickering of a single LED and complete modules before, during and after testing

Electrical Safety

Testing of the resistance of the luminaire to electrostatic discharges, fast transients, dips and voltage impulses, in compliance with the international regulations

Chemical Compatibility

Testing of materials/components for their suitability to be used in a given contextsuch as in industrial areas, by the sea, agricultural applications, hospitals, etc.

Check on Our 100% Product Quality Process

MokoLight has a rigorous five-stage product quality control systems, including visual Inspection, incoming article inspection, automatic optical inspection, automated X-Ray inspection, and function testing, for all LED products that we manufacture, to give out the best possible results.

Visuell inspeksjon

Inspeksjon av innkommende artikkel

Automatic Optical Inspection

Automatisert røntgeninspeksjon

Automatisert røntgeninspeksjon


MokoLight's Advanced Precision Equipment

MokoLight is furnished with a sizable number of top-notch machines, to meet the demands of product testing, research and development.

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