Are you looking for a professional PCB manufacturer for LED PCB board manufacturing? At MOKOLight, all your needs can be covered.

Premier LED PCB Manufacturer & Assembler in China

Due to the significant benefits they offer, LEDs become the most popular form of lighting in a variety of industries nowadays. PCB PCB board has always been the key part of electronic devices, and currently they are an integral part of LEDs as well. With the rising demand for LEDs, the demand for printed circuit board manufacturing has also surged.

As one of the trusted names for LED PCBs in China, MOKOLight offers a wide range of services covering LED PCB design, prototyping, assembly and manufacturing. We are capable of volume-producing LED PCB boards with the fastest turnaround times without compromising on the quality. In addition, we also provide custom LED PCB boards to suit the demands of LED manufacturers.

Why Choose Us for LED PCB Board?

With over a decade of experience in this sector, we are privileged to offer PCB manufacturing and assembly services to clients from distinct industries such as medical, telecommunication, automotive and consumer electronics. MOKOLight is a one-stop shop for all your PCB needs and delivers high-quality LED PCB boards at the best prices. Here are a few reasons or our strengths for you to opt for us as a partner.

Quick Turnround Times

We all know that quick time-to-market is critical for your business, so the quick turnaround times we offer can help you get your LED products to market as quickly as possible. You can receive our PCBs within 7-14 working days according to the complexity of your requirements.

Customizable LED PCBs

MOKOLight offers a wide range of LED boards in custom specifications using different materials including aluminum, copper base and FR4 LED PCB. Besides, we can also design and manufacture custom LED PCBs to suit your specific application.

Well-Equipped Manufacturing Facilities

We are proud that all our LED PCB boards are manufactured in our own factory with better cost control and no hidden costs. Moreover, we have introduced state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing equipment, such as Yamaha and Sony’s high-speed SMT PCBA machines.

Quality Assurance

Our LED PCBs comply with international standards such as IPC, UL, ROHS and REACH, guaranteeing 100% shipment quality. In addition, our rigorous quality control procedures warrant the reliability and stability of our PCBs. Our products will go through multiple testing to ensure that they are of high quality before delivering to the hands of our clients.

Professional Technical Support

We pride ourselves on supplying top-quality printed circuit boards to clients worldwide for over a decade. The reasons behind the success cannot be separated from our robust technical support. We boast a large pool of top talents with extensive experience in standard and advanced PCB fabrication.

Superior Customer Service

We put customer satisfaction as our top priority and we strive to fulfill our commitments on every order. Our 24/7 professional sales team communicates with you via online, phone or email, including offering instant online quotes and ordering services.

MOKOLight’s LED PCB Assembly Capabilities

As one of the most reliable LED PCB manufacturers, MOKOLight aims to help our clients bring complex designs into reality. Our capabilities in LED printed circuit boards that we have acquired over the past decade include:

Board Types

Rigid, flexible, and rigid-flexible boards

Layer Counts

1-50 layers

PCB Materials

aluminum, copper base, FR-4, Halogen Free FR4, FR-1, FR-2, CEM-1, CEM-3, High TG

PCB Finishes

HALS/HALS lead free, chemical gold, chemical tin, immersion gold

Base Plate

copper or aluminum

PCB Cores

FR-4, Epoxies, and aluminum laminated with copper

Dielectric thickness


What is LED PCB?

The light-emitting diode is abbreviated as LED, and “LED PCB” refers to the PCB with LED components soldered on. And a chip embedded in the LED will produce light once electrically connected. LED PCB is prone to generate a high volume of heat, which requires good heat dissipation capability. Therefore, metal core PCBs, particularly aluminum core PCBs, are commonly used to manufacture LED PCBs. Thanks to a thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material, aluminum PCBs can transfer and dispel heat more efficiently.

Benefits of LED PCB Boards Offered by MOKOLight

Several beneficial features of our LED circuit boards we offer include:

  • The LED membrane switches are light in weight and thin, which contributes to the miniaturization of PCBs.
  • As the LED PCBs offer greater design flexibility, they are perfect for complex switch interfaces.
  • Due to low power and voltage consumption, they are widely used in multiple consumer and industrial applications.
  • LED PCBs made from aluminum has a large number of benefits. First, it can help the circuit board to dissipate heat quickly. Second, it is durable, recyclable, non-toxic and lightweight.

MOKO Coating Products

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LED Grow Lights

Street Lights

Street Lights

Decorative Lights

Decorative Lights

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Highway Tunnel Lighting

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