LED grow light assembly & manufacturing

MOKOLight, a china led manufacturer, has extensive experience in LED grow light assembly and LED grow light manufacturing. We have many seasoned designers and engineers of LED grow lights. They will help clients choose the best suitable solutions for LED grow lights according to customer needs and help them smoothly complete the lighting project. We can provide free PCB design for our clients. We also have professional and considerate salespeople who listen to the clients all the time. They will timely reply the questions from our clients and provide solutions accordingly, so that the deal can be made easily and joyfully.

MOKO LED grow light assembly

MOKO is a leading LED grow light manufacturer, with a factory of more than 8000m²and a team of over 600 people. We have a variety of precision production lines, adequate stock of electronic components and multiple reliable suppliers. In a word, we can complete LED grow light assembly and LED grow light manufacturing on time according to customers’ requirements. With 100% original components and stable sources of raw materials supply, we can provide our clients with a high-quality LED grow lights.

MOKO LED grow light manufacturing

MOKO'S LED Grow Light Assembly Services

ODM LED Grow Light

ODM LED Grow Light

We provide free LED PCB design for the clients who have no design team. Our engineers will design products according to customers’ requirements. Then the factory will produce samples in time and deliver them to the clients for inspection. After checking, we will manufacture LED grow lights in accordance with the relevant terms of the production contract.

OEM LED Grow Light

OEM LED Grow Light

MOKO can offer one-stop LED grow light OEM services. We provide LED light assembly, LED light manufacturing, LED light box build assembly, LED controller assembly, LED driver assembly, LED light testing, packaging and other services. We will take every client seriously and deliver their goods on time.

MOKO'S LED Grow Light Advantages

Better spectrum, higher quality

The tuned PAR Spectrum LEDs used in MOKO LED grow light is the latest and most efficient LED. The spectrum of our LED grow lights is perfect for plant photosynthesis. The light of spectrum can efficiently promote crop growth and drive up clients’ revenues effectively.

With advanced automatic equipment and reliable suppliers, all of our LED grow light assembly products are of high quality. Our LED grow lights are made of a large amount of aluminum alloy material, which improves the heat dissipation performance and largely extends the life of LEDs. Our LED beads are sourced from such world-renowned companies like Samsung, Osram, ensuring the reliability of products. Our LED lights are featured with high quality and long lifespan, which greatly increases the return on investment.

The spectrum of our LED grow lights
MOKO ERP system

Better service, better trading experience

MOKO is a business-focused company. Our salespeople are professional and well-trained and they will reply to clients’ messages in a timely manner. They will assist clients to solve all sorts of questions and provide a variety of sales solutions for them. Meanwhile, our engineer team as a strong backing force will fully support our sales.
Our manufacturing process is transparent. Our factory will upload some links of production to our ERP system, so that our sales staff can pay attention to the production schedule in real time, ensuring the on-time delivery of products.
We have worry-free after-sale service. Our LEDs are simple in construction and can be assembly by DIY, which significantly reduces the costs and time of maintenance. Besides, we will provide you with repair service and parts replacement within our 5-year warranty period.

LED grow lights made in China

MOKO’s production base is located in Shenzhen, China, the world’s electronics manufacturing center, where there is a complete LED grow light supply chain. We can secure the best electronic components at a relatively low price, ensuring high quality products yet with a more competitive price.

There are a number of electronic component manufacturers not far from our production base and we have a close partnership with them. As a result, we rarely delay the lead time due to supply chain issues. Even under the circumstances of global LED chip shortages, we are still able to deliver our products on time. In nowadays’ trade, time is particularly important to every business.

LED grow lights made in China
leading manufacturer of LED lights

Extensive experience, advanced technology

MOKO is a leading manufacturer of LED lights. We have successfully produced a large number of LED grow lights for numerous clients, including quantum board light, grow light bar and spider grow light. Our LED grow lights are applied to many scenarios, such as cannabis growth, hydroponic cultivation, house gardening, etc. We have a wide selection of LED grow lights, almost covering all the application scenarios of grow lights. No matter what scenario your grow light project applies, please feel free to contact us to provide you with the perfect solution.

We are equipped with cutting-edge production technology. With many years of LED manufacturing experience, we have perfect and advanced assembly and production process of LED grow lights. We are able to fabricate top quality products with less time.

LED Grow Light Application

Indoor plant lighting

Indoor plant lighting

Vertical farm lighting

Vertical farm lighting

Cannabis lighting

Cannabis lighting

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