Moko Laboratory

Moko has own laboratory, we have integrating sphere optical tester, plant light spectrum analyzer PLA-30, high and low temperature impact tester, waterproof tester, constant temperature and humidity tester, transportation Vibration Test Machine etc. To ensure our products perform more stable, efficient and durable, each of new led light need to pass a strict reliability test.

AC Power Source

AC Load Instrument

Aging Test Equipment

AOI Machine

Band-Binding Machine

Soldering lines

Capacitor Leakage Current Tester

Crystal Oscillator Tester

DC Electronic Load

DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply

DDS Signal Generator Counter

Electroacoustic Tester

Electron Microscope

Horizontal Goniophotometer

High and Low Temperature Test Equipment

LCR Meter

Integrating Sphere Tester

LED Testing

LED Testing

Network Analyzer

Portable Inspection Device

Precision LER Meter

Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Equipment

Spectral Test

Spectrum Analyzer

Temperature and Humidity Test Equipment

Tensile Test Equipment

Tensile Test Equipment

Testing Equipment

Thermal and cod shock test equipment

TRMS Digit Multimeter

Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Vibration Test Equipment

Waterproof Test Equipment


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