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Improve Your Office Life with MOKOLight

Office lighting from MOKOLight is committed to creating efficient, healthy and comfortable working conditions for people. MOKOLight offers a wide range of energy-efficient LED office lighting fixtures versatile for a variety of office applications. We support mix or custom LED lights to meet your unique office lighting needs. Contact us now for a quick pricing.

Introduction to LED Office Lighting

LED office lighting plays an important role in our workplace. Different office areas like work areas, public areas, hallways, meeting rooms, lounges, and different periods of the day require different types of lighting. Using warmer light at the beginning or end of a day can help relieve stress, while using cooler light during the day helps you stay alert and energized.

Good LED office lighting has a positive impact on improving productivity, mood and motivation of employees. Too dim light is prone to fatigue and distraction, while too bright light is harmful to human eyes. MOKOLight offers a wide choice of high-quality office lighting fixtures to accommodate the lighting requirements of different spaces, in line with Human Centric Lighting philosophy.

Features of MOKOLight Smart Office Lighting

Smart Sensor

Unlike other sensors with only an ON/OFF function, our smart sensors feature multi-level dimming functions that can automatically control the on/off time, brightness and color of LED lights from smartphones. MOKOLight LED office lighting is committed to creating an optimal office lighting environment to maximize energy savings.

Dimmable Design

You can freely adjust the lighting intensity by using MOKOLight smart office lighting fixtures. Whether you are reading, writing or discussing, it will help you stay happy and improve your productivity dramatically.

Zone/Group Control

Depending on the zone/group feature, your space can be divided into different lighting zones. Each zone can be individually controlled. You can adjust the brightness and color temperature of lights at will. Dodatno, with its own smart sensors, energy savings can be maximized.

High CRI

MOKOLight LED office lights feature a CRI (indeks uzvraćanja boja) of above 80%, allowing to reveal the real colors of office objects.

Glare&Flicker Free

MOKOLight office LED lights produce uniform, comfort, glare- and flicker-free light. This is beneficial for the eye protection of employees who stay in the workplace for a long time.

Energy& Maintenance Savings

Our LED lights are made from high-quality and long-lasting LED components. They will secure you a great deal of energy savings while offering years of free maintenance.

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Why Is It Worth Working with MOKOLight?

State-of-the-art Production Technology

As an LED lighting manufacturer with over a decade of experience, we have a wealth of expertise and advanced technical equipment. Our lighting solutions are based on the energy-efficient LED technology.

Visokokvalitetni proizvodi

Our LED components are from reputed suppliers, known for their high quality and durability. It ensures that our products live up to high quality standards.

Konkurentna cijena

We maintain stable cooperative relations with renowned raw material suppliers. Our in-house components of office lighting fixtures are sourced at a fair price. This is why we can offer an attractive price for our clients.

Profesionalna korisnička podrška

We offer professional and friendly customer support. If you don’t know exactly what type of office lighting you need, we are always ready to provide expertise to guide you.


From start-to-finish, we will provide professional guidance for your project. Whether you want to customize specific lighting fixtures or seek expert lighting advice, we are on standby to provide appropriate assistance.

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