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ISO9001:2015 / ISO14001/ ISO13485 / CE/ROHS

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LED controller and power supply are widely used in various lights. We can offer LED controller PCB assembly and LED driver PCB assembly service. If we produce the led module, led controller, and power supply together, we can test them together. This provides great convenience to customers and helps them to save lots of time and money.

Moko covers an area of more than 13,000squaremeters, and has more than 600 zaposlenici, među njima, tamo su 70 engineers in the R&D team and 55 overseas sales in the business team.

We have got the ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ROHS, BSCI certifications, and UL (File number: E501497 & E499341).

Naša tvornica ima 8 brze SMT PCBA linije iz Yamahe i Sony, 3DIP linije, i 2 montažne linije kutija. We can do LED controller PCB manufacturing, Sklop tiskane ploče LED kontrolera, programming, function testing, konformni premaz, lončanja, cable wire hardness assembly, box building assembly, and all tests.

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LED Controller PCB Assembly Cases

High Power LED Controller by LED Controller PCB Assembly

High Power LED Controller

High Power Supply by LED Controller PCB Assembly

High Power Supply

AC22V Power Supply by LED Controller PCB Assembly

AC22V Power Supply

Power Supply by LED Controller PCB Assembly

Power Supply

What We Do on LED Production?

Engineers check all componentsdatasheet and Gerber files. And if there are any issues, we must confirm with clients and ask them to change the files.
All issues will be transmitted to the ERP system.

Check all files before purchasing
ERP system

From inquiry to mass production, if we want to change any components or Gerber files, we have to get approval from clients. We can trace all materialsbrands and suppliers in the ERP system. Every material has a special number code and QR code, that can scan during production. All clients know their materials very well.

Tracing all materials' brand, supplier and lead time
Gerber file for led controller pcb assembly

a. Kontrola dobavljača
90% suppliers have been with us over 3years. If we work with new suppliers, moraju proći naš sustav ocjenjivanja kvalitete. Štoviše, our purchasers will go to their factories to check their quality control before they become our suppliers. Za neke važne dobavljače, we will go to their factory every three months. Imamo 20 kupci.
b. QC za komponente. Naše tvorničko odobrenje ISO9001. All components must be QC before production. Our IQC is strict.
c. 100% QC za proizvodnju, 100% QC for blank PCB→ 100% QC prije nego što ploča prođe kroz stroj za lemljenje Wave → nakon SMT -a, učinit ćemo AOI(100%)→100% DIP QC→100% Loading firmware→100%function testing for pcba→100% testing after assemble housing
d. QA for finished products, all products must be randomly checked by QA before being put into storage.

If they find any issue, they will show all issues on the ERP system, other people will deal with them quickly.

Strict Quality Control System
QA file for LED Controller PCB Assembly

MOKOLight has five SMT assembly lines. We can assembly these difficult packages, such as BGA, QFN, SOIC, PLCC, QFP, uBGA and POP. Our highly-skilled resource and our advanced equipment allow us to produce high-quality led controllers and led drivers.

Our engineers make SOP for all orders, they will write customersrequriements on production file. All workers will follow the requirements. Rapid response ERP system allows us to communicate customer needs in a timely manner.

SMT Lines
pcb layout for LED Controller PCB Assembly

Moko has three DIP lines. We can provide standard and simple wiring harness assembly, or custom wire harnesses assembly and cable assembly at shortest turnaround time.

Each step and the location of all materials are displayed in the SOP.

DIP Lines
Each step and the location displayed in the SOP

We can program firmware and do all tests.

Programming and tests
Test device

MOKO pays much attention to building a smart factory by using advanced technologies and equipment. We have a full range of modern electronics production equipment, which allows us to handle low, medium volumes and large production runs without difficulty. S druge strane, we invest heavily in creating a laboratory that can perform the test of prototypes and final products with high accuracy and efficiency, making sure the products delivered to our customers are of high-quality.

smart equipment

Our conformal coating is featured with high precision and repeatability. Since the machine is controlled by computers, we can place the coating in designated areas.

We offer broad material portfolios for conformal coatings to achieve different properties such as waterproofing, heat-resistance. And we have experts in this area who would work with you closely to make sure the success of your projects.

Conformal coating
Conformal coating for led controller pcb assembly

As for some outdoor led lights or special lights, we can do potting for led controller and led driver. We can use variety of materials such as silicone, poliuretan, epoxy and so on. MOKO has been offering the electronic potting services to our clients for over 10 godine, and with the rich experience, we are confident to provide the best solution for our customers.

potting for led controller pcb assembly

No matter it is a metal shell or a plastic shell, we can make mold and produce it. Moko provides a full electrical and mechanical box build assembly service tailor-made to our client’s requirements, saving them both time and money. Our services act as solutions for led lights.

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