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Light up Your School with High-Quality LED Lighting

Switching to high-quality LED lighting means better learning environment and significant energy savings.

LED Educational Lighting from MOKOLight

MOKOLight has been providing professional LED lighting products for leading educational institutions across the globe for over a decade. MOKOLight’s high-quality, efficient LED lighting not only contributes to a better learning environment, but also makes significant energy savings. Our LED lights are featured with full-spectrum, flicker-free and environmentally friendly. We are ready to offer our expertise in bespoke lights to help you with your lighting retrofit to improve efficiency.

What Our Educational Lighting Can Bring You?

Improve Learning and Teaching Environment

As scientific studies have proved, appropriate lighting levels have a positive impact on concentration, learning effect, well-being and safety. LED lighting can provide a comfortable learning environment for students and teachers. MOKOLight’s high-quality LED lighting improves student performance in the classroom, while providing a comfortable teaching environment for teachers.

Reduce Energy Use

LED lights use 70% less energy than flickering fluorescent lights, resulting in less energy bills, lower maintenance costs, and reduced environmental pollution. MOKOLight works with many schools, colleges and universities around the world to help them save a lot of energy costs, so that they do not have to tighten their budgets too much.

Highlights of Our Educational Lighting


Adaptable classroom lighting plays an important role in innovative teaching practices. Whether the students are to discuss in groups or to watch a movie, dimmable LED lights from warm white to cool white can meet their needs.

No Flickering

In addition to disturbing the students, flicker and glare can result in eye strain and headaches. There is no doubt that this will affect the studentslearning performance in class. MOKOLight LED educational lighting is flicker-free, glare-free.

UV-C Sanitation

MOKOLight LED UV lights are proven to inactivate more than 90% of airborne pahtogens, including the Novel Coronavirus.

Connected Lighting

MOKOLight LED lights can seamlessly transmit the data collected by the light to value-added applications, while meeting energy-efficient and comfortable lighting requirements.

Cirkadijski ritmovi

Synchronizes the biological rhythms of students and teachers by varying color temperature and simulating solar spectral distribution. The educational lighting solutions offered by MOKOLight help improve productivity, alertness and maintain healthy circadian rhythms.


Many traditional lighting fixtures contain harmful substances and contaminants such as mercury. MOKOLight LED lights are conducive to the visual comfort and mental well-being of students and staff, while providing high-quality, safe light.

Application Areas of Educational Lighting

Classroom Lighting

Classroom lighting is the main application area of educational lighting. An effective classroom lighting solution/scheme makes full use of natural light, adding artificial lighting as necessary. Bring daylight into the classroom brings physical and physiological benefits to students and teachers.
Common classroom lighting solutions include LED ceiling lights, strip lights, pendant fixtures and recessed troffer lights.

Library Lighting

For open area, indirect lighting is required, međutim, for reading area, it requires direct lighting. The library is a place for individuals to study alone and enjoy reading as well as a place to host activities such as a reading club. Stoga, an effective library lighting solution should be efficient and comfortable for readers.
With years of experience in educational lighting, MOKOLight provides a wide selection of library lighting solutions including LED strip lights, wraparound ceiling lights, architectural lights, itd.

School Stairwell Lighting

School stairwell lighting is another important application area of educational lighting. An ideal school stairwell lighting solution should provide a safe and friendly environment for students.
Stairwell lighting requires LED lights to be small enough while produce high lumen output. MOKOLight provides a variety of solutions in stairwell and corridor lighting applications.

School Gymnasium Lighting

Unlike traditional gym lighting, LED lighting reduces maintenance and replacement costs on top of saving energy bills. Što je još važnije, quality gym lighting keeps students energetic and safe in gym class. Stoga, a good school stadium lighting should be energy-efficient and safe. MOKOLight manufactures a wide selection of LED lights for large-scale indoor spaces such as school gymnasiums. You can find the best lighting solution for your school gymnasium here.


MOKOLight specializes in customizing innovative solutions for educational lighting. From design to production, MOKOLight is committed to creating unique lighting solutions for your schools, universities and educational establishments.

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