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Perfect Lighting for Patients and Healthcare Professionals

Efficient lighting is absolutely imperative for healthcare facilities. High-quality medical lighting not only provides adequate lighting for doctors and care personnel to highly concentrate on their work, but also provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for patients and their relatives. Appropriate healthcare lighting facilitates the healing process of patients due to the increased sense of well-being. In addition, right healthcare lighting solutions will greatly reduce energy and maintenance costs.
MOKOLight offers the perfect lighting solutions tailored for hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities to enhance the healthcare experience of patients and medical staff.

Our Edges for Healthcare Lighting Solutions


Good healthcare lighting can provide more than just visual comfort. Light color and lighting intensity have significant impact on mood, well-being and performance. Adjusting light color and lighting intensity to approach daylight also enhances the biological rhythms of people. All of this can be implemented automatically with smart lighting control.

Flexible Lighting Management

MOKOLight lighting management system creates a pleasant environment for patients. Lighting can be switched from a bright examination light to a soft light suitable for talking with the patient, depending on the lighting scene, just by pushing the button or via touch screen.

UV Disinfection

UV light disinfection technology from MOKOLight aims to reduce harmful pathogens in healthcare facilities with a variety of scientific methods. The reduction in pathogens results in lower infection and hospital readmittance rate, in turn improving CAHPS scores.

Tunable White

Tunable white dynamic feature creates a sense of time lapse or circadian illumination for patients and healthcare staff. On top of this, it supports sleep or wake cycles and creates a comfortable environment for patients, thus enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Application Areas of Healthcare Lighting

Treatment Room Lighting

It is vital for an effective treatment room lighting to convey a sense of calm and comfort to the patient. In the meantime, it should ensure that doctors correctly diagnose the patient during the treatment. MOKOLight LED luminaires with high luminous efficacy and outstanding color rendering are ideal for this situation.

Patient Room Lighting

A good patient room lighting should make patients feel relaxed, relieve their stress and ensure maximum safety. MOKOLight bright LED lights give patients a feeling of being at home while ensuring care personnel work efficiently. In addition, our dimmable LED lights help caregivers rest and recover when not working.

Medical Waiting Room Lighting

Many patients have to wait long time in the medical waiting room before treatment. If the lighting is too bright or too cool, it will heighten the stress on patients. At MOKOLight, you will find a balance between safe and practical lighting for patients and medical staff. Choosing the lighting that simulates natural light is a good bet. MOKOLight offers a wide variety of LED lights that mimick natural light without glare.

Resident Room Lighting

For patients in care facilities, the resident room is their new home. Appropriate resident room lighting should be designed to be friendly and bright, providing a homely atmosphere for patients while maximizing medical supervision. MOKOLight offers extensive lighting solutions for different lighting tasks.

Get Inspiration for Your Healthcare Projects from MOKOLight

Would you like to learn more about healthcare lighting? From general knowledge to specific lighting consultations, we will help you select the right healthcare lighting solution for your project. Just contact us!

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