LED Electronic Potting

Electronic potting is a commonly used technology to protect LEDs from moisture, rain, dust, high temperature, chemical corrosion, etc. And MOKO offers kinds of electronic potting such as silicone, polyurethane, and epoxy potting to help our customers lengthen the lifespan of LEDs. With extensive experience and industry-leading potting machines, we are capable of handling a wide array of projects for different applications and meeting our clients’ needs well.

Why Choose MOKO Technology for LED Electronic Potting

10+ Years of LED
Potting Experience

Accumulated with more than 10 years of experience in LED potting, MOKO has offered LED potting solutions for customers in different industries like automobile, consumer electronics, medical, and construction. In addition, we have more than 70 engineers who are experts in this area, making sure that our LED potting solutions can always meet your requirements.

The State-of-the-art

MOKO utilizes advanced potting machines and will keep upgrading them to ensure the high accuracy and batch-to-batch consistency of our LED potting. Meanwhile, these machines help to improve the production efficiency significantly, which allows us to deliver products to our customers with a short turnaround time.

Quality Assurance

MOKO always puts quality into the priority. We strictly control the input materials by cooperating with reliable suppliers. As for the finished products, we have both manual checking and machinery testing, with the 100% testing to guarantee the products that our customers received are premium.

A Wide Range of
Materials Available

There is a wide range of potting materials available at MOKO including epoxy, silicone, urethane and acrylic. And our good understanding of different materials makes it easy for us to design potting solutions that can exactly match your projects.

MOKO Coating Products

MOKO Electronic Potting Product One
MOKO Electronic Potting Product Two
MOKO Electronic Potting Product Four
MOKO Electronic Potting Product Five

What Is Electronic Potting

Electronic potting is a technology to encapsulate the electronic components with a compound, which offers great resistance to the physical and chemical corrosion. It can enhance the electrical performance as well. There are so many electronic components in LEDs such as LED pins, printed circuit boards and solder pads. And the corrosion of any one of them would cause open contacts or shorts, and even impact the operation of the whole device.

The electronic potting process is not much complicated. Firstly, the electronic components would be put into a pot, then, the liquid compound would be poured into it. And when the liquid compound converts to solid state, these electronic components can be covered completely to achieve high protection performance.

This technology is featured with high production efficiency, so it is a great choice for high-volume work. In addition, it has the advantage of reverse engineering protection, as the compound is normally in dark colors, which makes it difficult to make reverse engineering.

How to Select the Right Electronic Potting for Your LEDs

The types of electronic potting are various. So how should we choose the most suitable potting for LEDs? Well, there are many aspects that should be considered before making the decision. For instance, we should consider the applications of LEDs, in another word, the environment that LEDs would be applied in, such as the temperature and moisture. Also, we need to take the requirement of LED projects into consideration, including the conductivity, cohesive strength, and flame retardant. Thus, it is of vital importance to understand the properties of different potting types. The most popular electronic potting types are epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone potting. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Epoxy Potting

Epoxy Potting

Epoxy potting has the characteristics of higher rigidity, high temperature and chemical resistance, and nice adhesion performance as well. In addition, the epoxy compound has good moisture resistance, so it is a perfect choice for LEDs that would be used for outdoor applications.

Polyurethane Potting

Compared to epoxy potting compounds, polyurethane potting can be solidified at a lower temperature for temperature sensitive electronic modules. Moreover, it has the advantages of better flexibility and crack resistance, and it has a great sealing function for electronic assembly. It is widely used in many industries due to its relatively lower cost.

Silicone Potting

Silicone Potting

Silicone potting is flexible and temperature resistant, and it maintains constant mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. Silicone is a kind of material that is soft and stretchable, so it is a great option for potting sensitive electronic components. Last but not least, silicone potting allows us to repair it easily.

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