MOKOLight is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of high-grade LED lights in China. Our products serve our clients from over 100 countries worldwide. We produce a broad range of top-notch COB LED light for your choice. Apart from a wide selection of standard LED products, we also accept custom your lights to suit your unique lighting needs. Start your project with us right now.

Why Choose MOKOLight COB LED Light?

High-Quality Materials

We utilize top-rated materials and components from top suppliers, including Samsung, Osram, Philips, MeanWell, etc. We have great partnerships with these well-known companies, ensuring the quality of raw materials for making LED lights.

High-Quality Materials
Free and Unique Design​

Innovative Designs

We are willing to work with you on innovative design. If you have creative design ideas, share them with us and we will work on making it a reality. We are open to custom-made orders and you will get a unique lighting solution.

Quality Assurance

Before you receive the goods, each product is subjected to rigorous testing. Additionally, we also provide a dust-free, safe production environment. All LED lighting fixtures we offer come with a 5-year warranty.

Quality Assurance​
Extensive Experience and Expertise

Professional Customer Support

We incorporate years of experience and expertise into customer service. We offer a wide range of LED lighting options and if you are unsure which type of light to choose, our team will help you out. From start to finish, our professionals are always with you to provide proper assistance.

Advantages of COB LED Lights

Condensed Dimension

With each diode packed so tightly together, the overall size of COB LED light panel is very compact. This makes them more flexible for diverse uses.

Better Lighting Effect

COB LED lights produce glare-free, uniform light, as they incorporate multiple chips on the circuit board. Because of its wide beam angle, it can emit a brighter, high-quality light source. Therefore, COB LED is well suited as surface light.

High Light Efficiency

Due to their design, COB LED lights are capable of generating higher lumen-per-watt ratios and better light efficiency. They can produce a minimum of 80 lumens per watt with less energy.

Better Heat Dissipation

COB LED lights have an aluminum heat sink to dispel the heat from the circuit board. With fewer components, it means they have a larger cooling area. The heat dispersion efficiency of COB LED lights is attributed to the substrate material, circuit board and heat sink components.


What is COB LED?

COB or Chip on Board is a recently developed LED technology designed to deploy energy more efficiently. COB LED chips are in direct contact with the substrate (such as silicon carbide or sapphire) and they are closely mounted together to form LED arrays. Typically, COB LED has at least 9 diodes on the chip surface, but it only features 1 circuit and 2 contacts. As a result, COB LED lights have a panel-like looking, unlike SMD LED lights that appear like a group of small lights.

Unlike SMD, however, COB LED lights cannot modify the color and color temperature, because they have only one circuit and two contacts. They require multiple channels for color tuning to achieve varied color effects. Therefore, COB LED lights are limited to monochromatic applications, whereas not suitable for more versatile applications. They are ideal for various bulbs and applications, including smartphone flash, point-and-shoot camera, and more.

Start Your Project With MOKOLight

Do you want to purchase top-quality LED lights? MOKOLight will help you get a perfect lighting solution that matches your specific requirements. Contact us now and we will give you a fair quote.

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