MOKO Cable & Wire Harness Assembly for LEDs

  • We can custom all cable and wire harness assembly for LEDs
  • One-stop Service, we can provide and solder all wires
  • Lead-free tin wire, we always use Lead-free solder paste for all projects

We have an R & D team of more than 70 engineers, with more than l0years of experience in cable and wire harness assembly.

We can design many different led pcbs according to customer’s requirements. They are used for lots of lights, for example, UV Light, indoor light, industrial light, led grow light, aquarium light, street light, trafic light, AC220V driverless led pcb, RGB LED module etc.

Moko combines comfort, safety, ease of use and compatibility into every product. We focus on LED Lighting, and we work with engineers and suppliers to solve every complex detail, to help customers come up with the best solutions.

Our Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Capabilities

Provided cable and wire harness assembly services for more than 10 years, MOKO works closely with our customers and provides a full range of cable and wire harness assembly services, from assembly solutions designing, production, to after-market service. Our wire and cable harness assembly capabilities help MOKO serve our customers better:

Our Equipment:

Automated wire processing machines
Injection molding machine
Semi-automated crimper
Automated cable testers
Position machine & die sets
Insertion & extraction tools

MOKO Equipment

Our Assembly and Processing Capabilities:

Wire Marking
Wire Bundling
Custom Harnessing
Form Board Layouts

MOKO Assembly and Processing Capabilities

Our Advantage

1.One-stop Service, we can provide and solder all wires.
2.We can custom all cables for you.
3.Lead-free tin wire, we always use Lead-free solder paste for all projects.

MOKO Advantage

Why Choose MOKO for Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Services

There are more than 70 engineers at MOKO, who have participated in many assembly projects. They would be engaged with your project from the very beginning, providing workable suggestions to improve the reliability of the cable assembly solutions. And our purchase managers source materials and parts effectively by coordinating with a variety of suppliers. Our robust supplier network helps clients to save materials costs and manage inventory stock better. In addition, long-term relationships with these suppliers help us to gather more real-time information about materials so we can make a quick response based on it, and share it with our customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

MOKO has a strict quality inspection process. All products need to be tested before delivery to clients. First, our Quality Control Department would check the incoming materials, making sure they are qualified. Then, our workers would check and adjust equipment and tool before production. For finished products, we have visual inspection and electrical testing to ensure that the assemblies can reach our high standards.

Various Materials Available

Various Materials Available

For wire and cable harness assembly, there is a wide array of materials available at MOKO, such as thermoplastic elastomer, silicone, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyurethane, and thermoplastic vulcanizate. We are well-versed in the properties of each material, making sure that we can always find the best suitable material for your projects and meet your specific requirements better.

Technical Support

Technical Support

We have technical support services for our customers throughout the whole process. We support our clients not only during the project design and production stages but also after the product has been delivered to customers. So, if you encounter problems on your production line, don't worry, our engineers will help you out.

LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases at MOKO

LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases One
LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases Two
LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases Three
LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases Four
LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases Five
LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases Six
LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases Seven
LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases Eight
LED Cable Wire Harness Assembly Cases nine

How MOKO Works with You

At first, our experts would communicate with you to know every aspect of your project and understand your requirements in a very detailed way. Then, we would design solutions based on your needs, list the materials we may use, and create the manufacturing instructions.

In the second stage, we would source the materials and check the quality. More importantly, we can purchase the materials at the best prices, making sure that the project goes smoothly within your budget.

When we finished the preparation work, we would go to the manufacturing stage. In this stage, our proficient workers would set machines and run them with high efficiency. Our advanced equipment and repeatable process ensure the high-quality of cables. Once we finish product manufacturing, we would inspect the final products. Our 100% test is the key that our products can always satisfy customers. If the products pass the strict inspection, we would deliver them to you according to your project schedule.

Lastly, we provide warranty and after-market services for our clients. If there are any problems, you can contact us, we are 24/7 online to resolve the situation to your complete satisfaction.

What information do we need to buy right wire?

Wire Gauges and Wire Sizing

Wire Gauges and Wire Sizing

mix color wires

Wire Color. We often use black, white, red, green, brown, yellow, grey and some mix color wires

Wire Length

Wire Length

Electrical Wire Labeling

Electrical Wire Labeling. If you need UL, ROHS, REACH or other requirements, pls tell us

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