Things You Need to Know When Choosing LED Street Lights

Things You Need to Know When Choosing LED Street Lights

Introduction to LED Street Lights

Before we get to today’s topic about choosing LED street lights, I would like to give a brief introduction to LED street lights. The basic components of LED street lights are a capacitor, a resistor, and some also have basic organizations such as transistors and MOS tubes. LED street lights play a vital role to make people’s life more convenient. In the world, there are more than 200 countries that apply LED as street lights, as LED street lights have many advantages in comparison with traditional lamps. They have a longer lifespan(about 10-15 years), and the power consumption of LED street lighting system is about 75% less than conventional lights. More importantly, no matter what the temperature is, LED lights would maintain high light output with higher color rendering index and more even light distribution.

Why Are LED Street Lights Becoming More Popular?

Why Are LED Street Lights Becoming More Popular

LED street lights are energy-efficient, safe, long-lasting, which also provides a more clear view of the road. They play a very important role to save the energy of outdoor lighting. Traditional street lamps cause a huge waste of energy as they apply high-press sodium lights which is not energy saving. Along with the worsening of the global environment, more and more countries are prone to use clean energy. The dramatic growth of the national economy makes the contradiction between energy supply and demand more and more obvious, so it is very urgent to solve the energy conservation problem. As a vital component of urban lighting, street lighting should be designed more energy-efficient, and using LED lights for street lighting is a great idea.

Things to consider when choosing LED street lights

Energy Conservation

To better save energy, LED street lights should have features of low voltage&current but high brightness to make sure the driving safety at night.

Environmental Protection

The light source that LED uses has little dazzle without radiation, no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum included, and it will not emit harmful elements during use, which is good for our environment. It contains no mercury elements so you can feel free to touch it.

Long-term Use

We must want to use LED street lights for a long time, so choosing long-life LED light can save a lot of trouble. Just imagine, what a hassle it is to change street lamps frequently, not to mention to replace them in bulk. One myth about LED street lighting is about its short life, but the reason is that those users bought poor-quality LED lights.

LED street lights


LED street lights are used outdoors, which means that they would be exposed to sun, rain, or snow, so they should be designed with the waterproof function that should achieve at least IP65 grade to ensure its regular work.

Simple Light Color

The LED street lamp should be designed with simple light color, because too many other light colors would threaten road safety. We should make sure that safety comes first, then ensure the brightness of lighting.


To reduce costs, some manufacturers use hundreds of 0.5W low-power LEDs. However, this low-power LED has a very serious light decay. To make sure the long-lasting use, such low-power LEDs are not suitable for LED street light. Instead, those high-power LEDs with the power of more than 30w are highly recommended due to their less light decay.

Lighter Weight

Normally speaking, high-power LED lamp holders are much heavier than normal high-pressure sodium lamps due to the complex construction, thus, the requirement of supporting material is relatively higher. But some LED street lamp manufacturers have found the method to reduce the weight of more than 10 kg for LED lamp holders, so when choosing the LED street lights, pay attention to their weight.

Good Thermal Dissipation

One of the problems of low quality LED is poor dissipation performance. If the temperature of semiconductors in LED is much high, the initial luminous flux would decrease 30%, which will lose the function of illumination. In theory, the high-power LED street lights can work 3-50,000 hours in total if the thermal dissipation is great. Worth of noting that China has already adopted the world’s leading heat dissipation technology: the needle-shaped heat dissipation technology.

Reliable Manufacturers

Finding a reliable manufacturer is the key, normally, a reliable manufacturer has a lot of project experience, a professional R&D team, and efficient working methods that guarantee high-quality products and satisfied after-sales service, such as quality assurance, etc.

Reliable Manufacturers

Top LED Street Light Manufacturer

1. Philips

Philips is a brand that has been established for more than 100 years. Its LED lighting products cover many applications, including street lighting, indoor lighting, retrofitting, and more. Each year, they invest much in R&D to explore more areas. They have a strong global influence, and their products are not only of good quality but also environmentally friendly.

2. Osram

Established in 1919, Osram is a world-renowned manufacturer and distributor of LED street light. The company is good at optoelectronic semiconductor products and offers great and sustainable lighting solutions. Apart from LED light, they are also good at sensor technologies. Osram’s LED lighting can closely match natural light, and can guarantee the quality.

3. MOKOLight

MOKO Light is a leading LED street light manufacturer in China, providing LED lights that can meet any demand for street lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, reasonable structure, simple light color, and high safety, etc. Their professional R&D team and sales team have been committed to providing customers with the best LED street light products and satisfactory services. Moreover, MOKO Light offers 3 years warranty for customers, which would eliminate their worries. MOKOLight is one of the most reliable LED street light manufacturers. Currently, their LED street lights have been sold to more than 100 countries around the world.

4. Hubbell

Hubbell has extensive experience of about 57 years in outdoor lighting solutions. At the same time, the company also provides residential lights as well as industrial and commercial lights. One highlight of this company is the innovative solutions and technologies for high-performance lighting they provided.

5. Nichia Corporation

Founded in 1956, Nichia Corporation specializes in the design and fabrication of LED street light. This company is the first company to revolutionize white LED. They have also initiated other LED reforms such as UV LED. In a word, this is a company with innovative ideas and long history.

6. GE Lighting

As one of the oldest LED manufacturers and distributors( founded in 1911), GE Lighting has participated in a lot of LED lighting solutions. The lights from GE Lighting is quite special, they developed a series of LED lights for display with amazing and relaxing colors in 2015, very impressive.


Through this article, it is not difficult to get the conclusion that when choosing a suitable LED street lamp, we need to take multiple factors into account. Whether it is the LED street lamp itself or the choice of supplier, it is necessary to think carefully to make a sensible choice. If you feel confused when choosing LED street lights, you can turn to MOKO Light for help, we are ready to offer the best LED street lights for you!

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Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
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