What Is CCMS for Smart Street Lights?

what is CCMS for smart street lights

CCMS is the abbreviation for Central Control and Monitoring Systems, which is the key component of many smart city applications. For the smart street light system, when the terminals have collected data, the next step is to send it to the control center. Keep reading to learn how CCMS is used in the street light system!

What is CCMS?

The fundamental element of the system is the central control host. Actually, it’s an integrated processor, and its primary functions are format conversion, signal processing, and information processing. It connects with every device through the internet, receives control signaling from the operator, and then sends control commands to every device. Its dedicated system software programming implements various control functions, and many modules can be stacked based on requirements. IR, RS-232/RS-485, I/O, relay, network, and multiple IR are some of its common external interfaces.

How does CCMS work for smart street lights?

Operating the CCMS is like using an application. All the received data will show on the monitor. So when the operator opens the monitor, there will be all the street light terminals showing in the list. We will be able to check the status of each street light and provide information like the brightness, power consumption, temperatures, etc. Controlling the street lights is also simple. Through GIS technology, we can locate different street lights. Turning on or off the light or setting other parameters to exact values is possible with a click or touch. Different lighting modes can be saved and used at other times.

street light control process

Functions of the CCMS

  • The predetermined timetable can be saved in the RTU so that the lights can be turned on and off strictly in accordance with the predetermined plan. Operators can also modify the setting at any time from the monitoring center.
  • Determining lighting rates promptly and objectively
  • The current can be controlled to reduce power consumption and save energy.
  • measuring various characteristics remotely, such as power factor, total voltage, and current.
  • Feedbacking the single light and loop switch statuses, ensuring the power supply works as normal.
  • The alarm function keeps track of events such as phase outages, water immersion, leaks, unexpected power outages, damage to the transformer, abnormal opening of the transformer door, etc.
  • The monitoring center will show a dynamic electronic map.
  • Data collection and management of the monitoring center can be achieved by several different terminals.
  • There are also other features, like video surveillance and automatic meter reading.

Advantages of the CCMS for smart street light system

  • Various modes: The light required for different times varies. For example, at midnight, the brightness can be reduced. On roads with large traffic, the lights should be bright enough. CCMS can make the change of modes more convenient.
  • Reduce the costs of management: With CCMS, there will be no need to check the status of the street lights around the city. The street lights, which have failed, become obvious on the monitor. And the efficiency of management can also be improved.
  • Prolong the service life of the street lights: The system can make the street lights work for fewer hours while achieving reasonable lighting, so their service life can be longer. Besides, the voltage and current can be controlled to prevent potential damage.


CCMS is the center that controls and monitors the smart street lights and is indispensable for every smart lighting design. It is easy to use, can achieve various functions, and has many advantages. Just as it performs in other areas, it manages to make the high-quality street lights more smart to meet the requirements of different situations.

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Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
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