Bluetooth Smart: Opening A New Era for Smart Lighting

Bluetooth Smart Opening A New Era for Smart Lighting

Currently, it’s not new that smart lights are controlled through hubs or mobile apps. The fact is proven by the development of Bluetooth smart light based on a new wireless network technology-Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth smart light has driven the development of the lighting industry, with its characteristics of high energy efficiency, convenience and low cost.

As a leading LED lighting manufacturer, MOKOLight has developed a new series of smart lights based on Bluetooth technology to provide professional lighting solutions for a wide range of lighting scenarios. Through this article, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of Bluetooth smart light, from how they work, what they can do, where they can be used, to their future development direction.

What Is Bluetooth Smart?

Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) was introduced in 2011, known as Bluetooth 4.0. As a wireless personal area network technology, it is widely used in a variety of applications such as home, office, commercial, retail, healthcare and security industries. It’s known for its short connection time and high operating rate.

As its name indicates, Bluetooth smart lights work through a Bluetooth smart connection. Bluetooth smart lights can be started quickly sometimes with adapters or even completely wireless and then turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. Similar to other LED lights, Bluetooth smart lights can be controlled via your mobile app.

How Does Bluetooth Smart Work?

Bluetooth Smart can connect the nodes in a wireless personal area network (WPAN) in a direct, point-to-point manner. It operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band and can maximize the data rate to 50MB/s. With its star topology networking, Bluetooth Smart allows messages to be relayed from one smart lighting device to another, without a hub.

Bluetooth smart lights are ideal for building a smart home lighting system. They can work properly within a Bluetooth range of about 30 feet. You can control the smart lights in your home via a dedicated Bluetooth app on your phone. With the Bluetooth app, you can freely switch, brighten or dim the lights, change the light color, etc. You can also change the light recipes to suit a particular scene, depending on what type of light you choose, white or color light.

Alternatively, you can have a voice control on your Bluetooth smart lights with smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.

Pros of Bluetooth Smart Lights

Pros of Bluetooth Smart Light

Energy Efficiency

Bluetooth smart lights are in “sleep mode” until being connected, which saves a lot of power. Compared to conventional lighting systems, a LED-based smart lighting system uses about 75% less energy. Therefore, Bluetooth Smart provides customers with a convenient and cost-effective lighting solution.

No Wires Required

Bluetooth Smart needs nothing more than a Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet to connect your lights. It doesn’t require any wires, routers, hubs, remotes or WIFI signal. You can simply manage your lights anywhere in your home with a free app on your phone or tablet.

Multi-Device Connection

Bluetooth Smart enables thousands of nodes to be connected while maintaining good communication performance. Information is relayed between these nodes, allowing multiple devices in the room to remain connected simultaneously.

Free from Security Threats

As they do not a WIFI connection, Bluetooth smart lights are not vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Low Cost

Generally speaking, Bluetooth smart lights cost less than the lights using other protocols. Bluetooth smart lights utilize highly integrated LED chips, resulting in lower material costs. On the other hand, the popularity of Bluetooth technology in the lighting industry has lowered the cost of chips and smart lighting solutions, which enables more smart devices to connect with Bluetooth Smart.

Cons of Bluetooth Smart Lights

Cons of Bluetooth Smart Light

Limited by Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth Smart cannot control your lights when beyond the Bluetooth communication range. That is to say, you can’t control your lights when you are outside of home. Therefore, you have to set a certain time to turn on or off the lights before leaving your home.

Can Only Connected to One Bluetooth Device

Under normal circumstances, smart lights in your home can only be connected to one Bluetooth control device at a time. Therefore, if you intend to connect to another device, you need to reconnect to the Bluetooth.

Risk of Draining Your Battery

If you use a Bluetooth connection on your mobile device for an extended time, your phone’s battery will soon run out.

What Can Bluetooth Smart Do for You?

Through the app that controls Bluetooth smart lights, you can program your lights to achieve the functions you want. For example, you can arrange your lights to turn on at sunrise and turn off at sunset. Or to create the illusion that someone is at home, you can set some lights on or off at a certain time. This setting helps prevent burglaries when you are out for long periods of time, such as on vacation or business. You can create a countdown to turn your lights off at a preset time. Certainly, you can also set the lights differently depending on the day of the week. For example, you probably would like to turn on the lights later on Saturday morning.

Bluetooth Smart allows you to install up to 10 lights in your room. They can be easily controlled by the app or voice commands. You can get access to many capabilities of Bluetooth smart lights, such as free dimming, compatibility with the smart switch, timer and routine settings and custom lighting scenarios.

It’s a wise choice to update your home lighting system with Bluetooth Smart. Apart from the features mentioned above, Bluetooth smart lights also incorporate some cool features, such as pairing them with music, movies and games, to give you a more immersive entertainment experience.

The Future Applications of Bluetooth Smart

What Role does Bluetooth Smart Play in Smart Lighting?

It’s very convenient for individual users to use Bluetooth smart lights. A large number of smart devices in your home or office can be connected to work at the same time, forming a large-scale device network. As a result, thanks to low energy costs, Bluetooth smart lights bring a lot of conveniences to our working and living.

In commercial lighting, with the smart lighting control system, Bluetooth technology has received a good reputation among the industry. The annual shipments of commercial smart lighting are projected to increase 6.5 times by 2023, according to the 2019 Bluetooth Market Update.

The powerful scalability of Bluetooth Smart expands the scope of commercial lighting applications from a single room, an entire room, an entire floor or even several floors. With the indoor positioning technology inside Bluetooth Smart, we can develop some new applications, such as indoor navigation, asset management, etc.

In terms of home lighting, Bluetooth smart lights are widely used because of its characteristics of low energy costs, high stability and high security. By 2023, the annual sales of Bluetooth home lighting fixtures will grow 4.5 times, according to the forecast of 2019 Bluetooth market update. Bluetooth Smart provides users with more cost-effective, convenient and smarter lighting solution. You can rest assured that Bluetooth will not automatically connect and track the user’s device without the user’s permission, which protects the user’s privacy.

What Are the Future Trends of Its Applications?

In the future, Bluetooth Smart will become an essential wireless technology due to its low energy consumption, high data rate, high stability, high safety and other characteristics. The number of IoT devices based on Bluetooth Smart is projected to grow to 48 billion in the near few years, according to ABI Research, a well-known research firm.

The future applications of Bluetooth technology are not only in smart homes and smart buildings, but also there is the same potential in smart city construction and smart personal wearable devices.

Here Is the Bottom Line

At present, Bluetooth Smart, as an emerging wireless technology, is not well known in the smart lighting market. But I embrace that in the near future, you will see more Bluetooth smart lights appearing on the stage of smart lighting. Luckily, you can go a step ahead as you can purchase your Bluetooth smart light directly from

We recommend you to start your smart lighting project with MOKOLight. The reason is that as a professional smart LED light manufacturer, MOKOLight is willing to spend more time customizing your exclusive Bluetooth smart lighting solution for clients. So contact us today via our online platform and we honestly look forward to working with you.



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Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
Sushant Kulkarni
Sushant Kulkarni
9+ years of experience in implementing and debugging elector-mechanical systems, successfully leading multidisciplinary engineering teams and completing projects. Reach Me Now>>
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