Top 5 Best Medical Lights Suppliers 2024

Top 5 Best Medical Lights Suppliers

As governments become more and more concerned about the healthcare and well-being of citizens, there are rising demands for medical facilities to help doctors carry out increasing surgeries and examinations. What’s more, medical lights are essential for improving the environment of the hospital and providing a comfortable living space for the patients. Medical lights are so important for everyone in the hospital that it is needless to say that choosing excellent lights is the wish of every hospital operator. Then take a few minutes to read this article and find the top 5 best medical lights suppliers for 2024!

Top 5 best medical lights suppliers 2024

1. Drager

Drager is a German manufacturer that focuses on medical and high-tech products. They provide high-quality products to places that are closely related to our safety, such as hospitals and fire departments. Founded in 1889, Drager has now become one of the world’s largest listed companies. They have over 16,000 employees that wait to serve customers all over the world, and by now their business has reached more than 190 countries. Every year, they invest a large part of their turnover in scientific research to improve people’s lives. Their surgery lights are easy to use and super light to adapt to doctors’ needs when there is an emergency and time is limited. The light is rich-contrast and of the optimal cold temperature. It is also convenient to change the light to fulfill the needs of precision and efficiency.

2. Mokolight

Mokolight puts contributing to people’s healthcare and well-being as one of its most important missions. For 16 years, as Moko’s factory keeps expanding and has developed into one with an area of 13,000m2, Moko has also invested heavily in the production and research of various medical lights. From professional lights such as surgery lights and exam lights to the lighting for wards and public spaces, all the products are guaranteed by authorized standards like ROHS, ISO, etc. and undergo serious tests for quality control. Every month, more than 30,000 products are exported to customers, along with 24/7 service for the whole process. Moko also accepts low MOQs and customized designs. The medical lights produced by Mokolight emit bright and natural light with no flicker or shadows. Come and tell Moko what kind of medical lights you want.

3. Amico

Amico was established in 1981, and they became a company that focused entirely on medical products in 1991. Their lights for patient rooms and emergency rooms have performed well during the pandemic. Amico now has eight buildings that occupy an area of 700,000 square feet for producing various types of medical devices. The overbed light provides soft and even light and is useful for both the patients and the caregivers. As for surgical lights, they can fulfill the needs of clinicians by providing sufficient, high-level light with a high CRI.

4. Waldmann

Waldmann is called “the engineers of light” as they keep innovating in industrial, medical, and architectural lighting. This German manufacturer began its exploration of the LED lighting industry in 1928, being responsible to both the environment and its customers by producing sustainable and high-quality LED lights. They make sure that every light is easy and safe to use, environmentally friendly, and conforms to industrial standards. Now there are 13 production locations around the world, and every step is completed in-house. Thus, they can customize the products according to your needs. The engineering and technology of their medical lights are from Swiss, and they make full use of them to produce first-class LED lights.

5. Burton

Burton is a highly recognized American medical device manufacturer, and their products include surgical lights, examination lights, etc. They have worked for 90 years, installed over 375,000 medical lights in America, and exported their lights to more than 45 countries. Their turnover is always increasing as they put efforts to provide high-quality lights to solve the difficulties doctors around the world are facing. Their products meet the requirements of ISO, UL, CE, and other industrial standards, assuring their clients that the lights are safe and reliable to use. Burton offers a 5-year warranty for their lights and the best customer service.

How to choose surgical lights?


You should buy surgical lights that are certified by international standards to avoid sudden flickering or dimming of the lights during the operation, resulting in blurred and unclear operation fields. In addition, the surgical lamp with a safety guarantee will be easy to fix so that the position of the lamp head can be accurate.

Clear and comfortable

Surgical lights should maintain a constant color rendering index, an adjustable color temperature, and no shadow to help doctors see clearly. Besides, the light should be relatively soft and not flicker, so that it can effectively reduce fatigue and prolong the working hours of doctors. In addition, good surgical lights emit little heat. If the temperature rises because of the light, it will be torture for the doctors, and has an impact on the patients’ condition.


The lamp head should be lightweight and have a small volume under the premise of providing a suitable lighting environment. As for the cantilever assembly, it is important to make sure that the cantilever assembly is easy to move and can carry the lamp head safely. Flexible rotation and accurate positioning make the surgery go well, and you should find one that does not take up so much space. Whenever the doctors need to change the light, the controlling buttons need to be reachable and as simple as possible.

To wrap up

Owning good medical lights can improve the living conditions of patients and the working space of doctors. Moreover, it may also become one of the key factors for a successful treatment. Thus, choosing reliable and trustworthy medical lights suppliers is essential to the construction of a first-class hospital. Good medical lights suppliers are experts who have explored the newest technology and improved their medical lights for many years. Their products are guaranteed by certifications, made from the best materials, and have a warranty of several years. These led medical light manufacturers are responsible for both their products and creating a better environment for the healthcare of human beings. Hope you find the right medical lights suppliers and make a satisfying purchase!

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Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes
Double Bachelor's degrees in Architecture and Electrical Engineering, 5+ years of experience with LED lighting, intelligent moving lights, and conventional fixtures. Reach Me Now>>
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