Efficient 100W LED
Grow Light Bar

Make good lights with heart

Waterproof 100W LED Grow Light Bar designed full spectrum
high effciency white light quantum boards with Samsung
LM301B and Deep red LED 660nm, installed with Meanwell L
ED Driver and IP68 waterproof connector, covered with IP65
waterproof housing.


1. 1 000x62x34mm L .ED grow light board
2. 1pc Aluminum heatsink
3. 1pc 120W XL G meanwell driver
4. 1pc potentiometer Wire linked with the driver
5. Metal hangers, plug wire, hang rings

All Accessories

Passive cooling design wfthout noise but with great
heat dissipation.

Samsung Im301B + osram 660nm

All Accessories

Samsung chip

Aluminum heatdissipation

Tight assembly

Conversion connector

0- 10V Dimring

Waterproof converter

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Intricacy Workmanship

UL Listed Driver

Firm Lanyard

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